Bill Of Materials (BOM) Module

The Bill of Materials (BOM) module is used to build component/parent relationships between part numbers, which are used for costing, stock control, and cross referencing of parts, and provides special features with Invoicing and Job Control.


  • BOM's may be used to describe the components used to produce/assemble a parent part number.

  • BOM's may be multi-level with no limit to levels. Eg: Component to sub-assembly, to sub-assembly, to parent.

  • The components in a BOM may also be sold individually.

  • Recosting: BOM's can be used to recost parent part numbers. Once a BOM is set up, you are able to recost the parent part number at any time. An optional special feature of EASE is the automatic re-costing (by a relative value) of a parent part number when a component changes cost.

  • Stock Control: Sales via Invoicing and stock receipts may automatically affect the stock of components rather than the parent part number entered.

  • You can produce reports and enquiries of total component sales, including those sold within a completed unit or kit (the parent part number).

  • BOM details may be sent to a tab file.

  • BOM's may be used for Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

  • BOM's may be used to cross reference part numbers.

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