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Why choose the EASE Business Management System?

The EASE Business Management
Has been developed for the distribution and engineering industries by a company with extensive experience in these fields.

EASE will enable you to better control and analyse your business.
All pricing, costing, quotes, tax calculations, statements, payroll, group certificates, and much, much more are automatically handled by EASE.

   EASE can provide all the features you've been looking for in a computer.
Flexible and powerful, yet easy to use.

   Also friendly to the first time computer user.
Some of our strongest supporters are customers who had never even turned a computer on before.

The EASE system...
can be used by any size company, from single computers to large networked systems.
Multiple companies and sites can be easily accommodated by EASE.

A flexible security password system protects your information from unwanted access.

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Newsletters are regularly sent to our customers, which provide news and tips for helping you get the most out of the EASE Business Management System.

All our customers with an up-to-date maintenance agreement will be sent newsletters either by fax or email.

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Product Range

EASE can cover all the bases! From all the administration and office requirements to workshop and warehouse necessities.  Eg. Receivables, Payables, General Ledger, Bill of Materials, Job Control, Stock Control, Payroll, Banking, etc.

Take a few moments & look over our comprehensive range of modules.
EASE Modules.

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Updates & Support

The EASE Business Management System can be kept up to date with our Maintenance Support System.

This covers: telephone, email and fax queries and software updates (eg: Year 2000 compliance and GST taxation system implementations were included in these developments).

Software updates are provided approximately two to three times per year, or as required.

These updates include enhancements to the EASE Business Management System; technical advances; taxation and legislative requirements; responses to customer feedback and requests, with many enhancement ideas being suggested by current customers as well as from our own development team.

We started with version 1.00 and in getting to version 8.08, we have provided hundreds of version updates.

Support options are available via telephone, email, modem and fax.  We also provide a context sensitive Help system which is available through out the system. A comprehensive and user friendly manual is supplied on CD with all systems. This electronic manual has web browser functionality with hyperlinks and graphics.

EASE also has a tutorial/demonstration version that shows and explains the working of the system.

Customised onsite personnel training is also available.

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Can it be customised?

Every business is different.  Every customer has unique requirements that off the shelf software just cannot meet. EASE is highly oriented towards providing total system solutions and support. Our software installation and service include customising systems to suit individual company's needs. We can offer customised modifications or complete systems can be developed.

The EASE system has been designed for manufacturing, distribution and engineering industries that require a high degree of customisation and flexibility from their computer applications.

The EASE system is a tailored package that offers you the best of both worlds. Far more comprehensive and flexible than an "Off-the-Shelf - one setup suits all - package" and EASE still offers the flexibility of the "custom written" programs without the time and expense of developing your own system from the ground up.

An EASE system can be tailored to suit almost any application within the distribution through to the engineering industries. With hundreds of setup options built into our system plus the option of customised programming, if required.

We offer a tailored package at a fraction of the cost and time required for a totally custom written system. We can offer a system that can be installed and operating (including data transfers) in a few days.

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System Sizes/Networks

System Sizes and Requirements

Our customer sites can vary from small workshops/single-user systems up to large networked systems with multiple terminals and hundreds of employees. We do also cater for multi-company and multi-site requirements.

A variety of businesses currently use EASE software including parts wholesalers, importers, retailers, manufacturers & re-manufacturers, jobbing workshops, general & repetition engineering and, of course,  manufacturing companies.

EASE can run on virtually any IBM-compatible hardware.

Networking Systems

Novell Netware is our preferred networking system solution, and EASE is also  compatible with all Windows networks.  Wide area networks can be operated via pcAnywhere for single terminals, or Citrix/Winframe/Terminal Services for multiple remote terminals and or sites.

We can assist with all equipment and networking requirements, either by supplying equipment, or providing advice to help you select the best possible products for your price range.

For a more detailed answer with your specific requirements in mind, simply contact us.

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Operating Systems

EASE can run on all Windows and MS-DOS operating systems. To date EASE has been run on:

MS-DOS (all versions)
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP
Linux with Samba

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All Australian & New Zealand businesses are required to record GST charged and paid as part of their taxation obligations.

EASE records GST on all transactions and provides a simple summary that makes completion of tax returns easy.

EASE has been handling the GST requirements of our Australian & New Zealand customers since 1994.

For up-to-date GST information & reporting requirements contact the ATO directly or check their website:


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