Job Control Module

This module provides control over work in progress by tracking jobs and quotes, as required by a jobbing/workshop business.

  • Keeps track of all jobs and quotes.

  • Automatically prices jobs, records costs, produces customer quotes, job cards (including technical specifications), manning and machine requirements reports, and purchase orders to suppliers.

  • Invoices may be automatically generated from jobs.

  • Jobs can be generated from quotes.

  • Current and completed jobs may easily be searched and details displayed, then edited and placed into a current job if similar to one previous.

  • Current and completed jobs details can be drawn into a new job (with optional re-pricing) and edited if required. Even "standard" jobs can be stored if similar work is regularly required. Eg: Front brake check or rebuild 4 cylinder head.

  • Standard times for labour can be stored and compared to actual times spent working. A comparison to paid hours is also available in conjunction with our Payroll module by comparing time charged to time paid.

  • Shows your current work requirements by section, area or machine, even up to a specific date. Eg: End of week / month.

  • Technical information can be drawn from the Technical Database while in the Job Control module. This information can also be printed on the job section card(s).

  • Includes "job costing" facilities for internal production work.

  • May be used as a claims reporting/warranty system.

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