Stock Control Module

This module handles all stock control functions for retails, distribution, production, re-manufacturing and jobbing businesses. This module tracks stock levels, in multiple warehouses, and includes an ordering system with re-order calculation.


  • Stock receipts are integrated with Creditors, Bill of Materials (BOM), Purchase Orders and Delivery Dockets and automatically re-cost parts.

  • Deposits (for the rebuilding industry) is fully integrated with all stock control functions.

  • Production can automatically downgrade components and recost parents.

  • Components and labour used in production may be specified at the point of production, providing a "mini"-job costing system and catering for the variable component and variable usage requirement of the rebuilding industry.

  • Stock control may be disabled for selected parts for maximum convenience.

  • Features include stocktaking, recosting, stock obsolescence reports and Material Requirements Planning (MRP).

  • Stocktaking is greatly simplified by the generation of stocktaking sheets and the ability to easily enter stocktake results.

  • Stock levels may even be "frozen" so that Invoicing and stock receipts may continue while stocktake results are being completed.

  • Minimum and maximum stock levels can be automatically calculated by usage.

  • A Material Requirement Planning (MRP) system is included which can be used for enquiries, generating orders and  producing production sheets.

  • Stock Obsolescence reporting assists in managing excess stock, and calculates a ‘write down’ of stock for accounting and taxation purposes. This can reduce your company taxation liability.

  • Stock may be automatically categorised into popularity categories.

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