Company Profile: The people behind EASE

EASE Computing Pty Ltd are the developers of the EASE Business Management Systems. Our company's aim is to continue the development, sales and support for our system. This is our primary objective and will continue to be as we head into our 21st year.

Behind the screens

As all of our key personnel have worked for years in a variety of manufacturing and distribution companies, we can offer insights to business solutions from our own real world experiences.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the key personnel at EASE:

Russell Edwards: B.Ec., A.A.S.A.

Russell has had over 20 years experience in the accountancy field, working for some of the largest engine reconditioning firms in the country. His working knowledge of the requirements of both the "Office" and "Workshop" in computer aided management has been integral in developing the EASE Business Management System.

Stuart Edwards:

Stuart has a sound background in the field of sales and business relations in both small and multi-national manufacturing businesses. His previous experience with logistics and sales has proved invaluable in tailoring system specifications and training to suit for our customers. He is also our Agent co-ordinator both here in Australia and in New Zealand.

Roger Harris:

From a previous work history including Finance, Office Management, Bookkeeping and Network Administration, Roger is our technical wiz on software integration and is always up to date on the latest hardware and software developments. He is also experienced with all aspect of the internet.

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