File Maintenance (Parts) Module

This module controls and maintains the parts, pricing, and setup area. Eg: Discount groups, product groups, branches, trading terms, banking types etc.  It maintains the parts used by your business.

  • Unlimited part numbers can be stored in EASE.

  • All parts can store extensive information, notes, movement and costing history.

  • EASE's batch maintenance facility makes bulk changes to parts easy.

  • Reads price files/disks from your suppliers. This facility can be customised to suit virtually any format.

  • Automatic calculation of price increases.

  • Prices lists may be personalised for your customers, and customised to your requirements. Price lists may also be sent to a disk or file.

  • Easy to use, flexible and powerful price calculation system. Prices can be calculated as a discount from a list or base price, as a mark-up of cost, or as a fixed price.

  • Special price overrides are available. Eg: A monthly special that can be set to be in effect up to a specified date.

  • Up to 250 product groupings available.

  • Up to 100 branches can be operated within the one company.

This module is normally included free of charge with most EASE Business Management System purchases.

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