Report Generator (Query) Module

EASE provides an extensive selection of reports and enquiries, but additionally, EASE also has a Report Generator that you can use to design your own reports.

  • Produces customised reports to your own specifications. Eg: What fields you wish to print (Eg: Name, Address, Sales, Credit Limit), what order you what to print it, what fields to total, and what selection criteria you want to use

  • Provides integration to spreadsheet and word processing packages.

  • Report definitions may be saved and retrieved as needed and re-run at any time.

  • Flexible field and totalling selections.

  • May sort on any field, primary and secondary sorts available. Totalling may be sub-totalled on sort criteria.

  • Perform calculations which may be selected, sorted and used in other calculations.

  • Flexible and multiple data selections. Eg:
    • Wholesale customers in Victoria who have purchased more than $1000 over the last three months.
    • Parts with stock on hand from a particular supplier worth more than $100 that haven't been sold within 12 months.

  • Reports may be generated to the screen, printer, adhesive labels or to file formats including ASCII text, TAB, CSV (comma separated value), formats compatible with spreadsheets (eg: Excel, Lotus), word processors. Eg:Microsoft Word, WordPerfect.

  • And, of course, like all EASE modules, it's very user-friendly, so anyone can use it with a minimal of experience.

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