Invoicing Module

All invoicing functions including picking slips, backorders, quotes, lost sales and credit notes are controlled through this module. This allows the operator to remain in one area while handling the customer’s enquiry and order entry.

  • Point-of-sale invoicing and order entry.

  • Automatically calculates prices by customer.

  • Automatically calculates GST.

  • Quotes are easily generated, printed, faxed or emailed, and may be saved for later invoicing.

  • Integrates to other areas within the EASE system such as Debtors, Sales Orders, Core control, Sales Analysis, Stock Control, Bill of Materials (BOM) and Engine Tracking System (ETS).

  • Account status is displayed to alert you to overdue and stopped accounts. Invoicing on overdue and  stopped credit accounts can be password protected.

  • Can "multi-task" to call up enquiries during invoicing.

  • Freight consignment notes, delivery labels, local delivery sheets, picking slips and order confirmations may also be produced.

  • Can be integrated with freight systems such as Startrack/DFE.

  • Engine and serial numbers may be recorded and details retrieved later.

  • Price changes are recorded and may be easily reported.

  • Unknown parts can be invoiced "on the run".

  • Lost sales may be recorded and reported

  • Provides detailed sales analysis, including gross profit reports by product type, customer and part number.

  • An electronic catalogue / parts locating system can be accessed while you are within this module.

  • On screen warning for low profit margin and below cost pricing.

  • Flexible stationery layout. Can support virtually any stationery, and can easily be customised to your requirements. This applies to invoices, picking slips, order confirmations, quotes, consignment notes, delivery labels, and part labels. Stationery may be faxed or emailed.

  • Other reports include: Sales to budget, a graph of sales by day, salesman and area reports and many more.
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